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Policies and Terms of Use

We welcome you to the website of MEDINFOBOOK.GR provided by Computer Solutions SA (Provider). Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before visiting or using the website. Any access of you to the material found on the website and any use of it is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you choose to visit or use our Site, itis presumed that you have read, understood and that you fully agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site.

1. Use of this Site

The information which is available on the site have an informative and advisory character, and it may also be of a medical nature. Such information is intended solely for informative purposes and in no case they can replace the advice of a doctor or another qualified professional therapist. Under no circumstances should the information contained herein be used as a means of diagnosis of problems concerning health. The information on this website may be subject to continuous renewal, modification / erasure. Any access of you to the material found on the website and any use of it is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. With all access and use of this material, it is presumed that you accept, without limitations and unreservedly the Terms and Conditions of Use above.

2. Security of Personal Data

Computer Solutions SA protects the personal data of the users of its website. Please consult the Medinfobook™ Application Privacy Policy, which is available on our Website, as set out in the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), (European Regulation 2016/679) concerning the Security of Personal Data.

3. No Confidential Information

Subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy of the Application and in relation to its use, any information you provide us with, such as queries, comments, suggestions, in any way, electronic or otherwise, of your own accord and not upon request, Computer Solutions SA manage them as non-confidential. Computer Solutions SA is free to use any idea, concept, know-how or technique contained in such communication for any purpose, including but not limited to the development, production and promotion of its products and services.

4. Cookies

Our company uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information sent from the MedInfoBook™ management software and stored on each user's hard disk. When you enter our site our webserver sent a cookie to your computer. These data may include the type of server that each user uses, the type of computer, its operating system, online service providers, and other such information. Cookies do not cause harm to the user's computer or mobile device, nor to the files stored in them, and they have no access to any document or file found on the user's computer or mobile device. Cookies can not reveal the user's identity but may be used to identify his or her computer. Cookies are typically classified into session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies do not remain on the user's computer after exiting the web site or after shutting down the browser. Permanent cookies remain on the user's computer. Permanent cookies last until you or your browser delete them or expire. Cookies can be used to recognize you when you visit a site or use our Services, remember your preferences and offer you a personalized experience that is in line with your settings. Cookies make your interactions faster and safer.

5. Copyrights

The entire content of this website, including texts, news, graphics, photographs, layouts, illustrations, services and generally any kind of archives, is copyrighted and governed by National and International Intellectual Property Laws. It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, republish, copy, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, translate, modify in any way, in part or in summary form any text or document that is content of this database without the prior explicit written consent of Computer Solutions SA. By way of exception, the partial storage and copy of the content on a personal computer for strictly personal use shall be permitted, provided that there is no intention of commercial or another type of exploitation and always under the condition of labeling its source of origin. The above described, does not mean in any way the granting of intellectual property rights ownership.

Whatever appears on this website constitutes registered trademark and intellectual property of Computer Solutions SA.

6. Third Party Sites and Links

This Site may contain links or references, or provide access to other third-party sites, not controlled by the Company which bears no responsibility for them. Computer Solutions SA does not guarantee or give any promise as regards the accuracy, validity, up-grading, and / or completeness of the information contained on these websites and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by the content or information contained in them. Any reference to a third party website via a link on the Site in no way means that Computer Solutions SA unreservedly approves or recommends third-party’s websites or their content.

7. Information of Medical Interest

This site may contain general information about medical cases. This material is intended solely for informative purposes and in no case it can replace the advice of a doctor or another qualified professional therapist. Under no circumstances should the information contained herein be used as a means of diagnosis of health-related or fitness related problems or diseases. In any case the user should seek advice from a doctor or another qualified professional therapist.

8. Advertising

Computer Solutions SA may display on the Website advertising and other commercial or sponsored material useful to the visitor of the site and the advertisers.

9. Liability measures

The provider makes every possible effort, within the framework of the technology audit that he runs periodically, to ensure that the services of the website function normally and maintain the high level of the security provided. However,  he assumes no responsibility, for any reason, including the case of negligence, in case that that the operation of the website is interrupted or the access to the website becomes difficult and / or impossible, or if, despite the security measures in place, "viruses" or other malware detected and transmitted to the user's terminals, or if third unauthorized parties intervene in any way in the content and function of the website, making in this way , difficult to use the site in any of the above cases.

10. Violation of policies and terms of use

If a visitor fails to comply with these terms or in any way exposes the provider to possible real and legal risks, the visitor is liable to indemnify the provider as regards the the relative breach.

11. Shutdown

The provider is entitled to terminate the operation of the site at any time and subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy regarding the application.

12. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The above mentioned Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the use of this Site, will be governed by Greek law. The courts of Athens (Greece) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website